Rezzonation opens next round of investment

This year online entertainment streaming has, for the first time, overtaken traditional methods of broadcasting entertainment. However, consumers are currently faced with a bewildering array of competing proprietary services, which often carry similar content, but require separate paid for
subscriptions. Rezzonation not only offers a single interface for all legitimate entertainment services, it also provides a social networking facility, which allows millions of users to share & enjoy entertainment together, independent of the services to which they have subscribed, for the first time. Rezzonation aims to use these unique features to become the entertainment platform of choice.

The EU is desperately looking to discover a European alternative to the US streaming services, whilst Facebook itself says that the future of the internet is regulated & European. All of this at a time when the latest 5G mobile networks are being rolled out around the world, putting Rezzonation at the spearhead of a new generation of internet platforms.

What is on offer today is an opportunity to be involved immediately pre-launch with the most exciting online application in a generation. Our Rezzonation team of international executives & entrepreneurs, headed by our Chairman
Nigel Litchfield (ex-board member Nokia Mobile Phones), is ready to make this happen.

A most exciting opportunity

Rezzonation is developing a revolutionary online entertainment platform and mobile app (The ONE app). Currently we have beta versions of the ONE app available on Android, iOS and as web client. As a next step our in-house development team is preparing the platform and ONE app for a product (soft) launch per Q1-2020. Doing so Rezzonation is substantially growing the activities and expanding the organization & company. In order to facilitate such, we are kicking-off a next round of Angel investment, looking to raise the required funds.As such we would like to present you with our proposal.

Rezzonation investment proposal

Rezzonation has teaser and pitch documents available, describing a detailed investment proposal. In case you are interested and/or you would like to receive more detailed Rezzonation product & services, customer benefits and business rationale, then please do not hesitate to contact Eric Derckx – Founder | CEO of Rezzonation via or +31 6 8200 2448.

We are more than willing to engage with you and proceed with next steps looking into this exciting opportunity with you.