Rezzonation and Indus Net Technologies announce long-term partnership.

Indus Net Technologies, an award winning, Digital Full-Service company that helps enterprises leverage the power of internet through Cloud, Mobile, Social, Multimedia, Payments and Analytics, is teaming up with Rezzonation as a dedicated tech partner. Indus Net was founded in 1997 in India and has subsidiaries in UK, USA, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia and employ over 750 enthusiastic technical- and digital marketing professionals.

Eric Derckx, CEO Rezzonation:
“These last month’s we’ve been exploring technical partnerships as a way of rapidly scaling our activities to meet consumer demand. With this partnership Rezzonation has access to virtually unlimited recourses of highly competent technical developers and the latest digital techniques, to secure the development of the Rezzonation platform and our ONE app. The combination and in-depth understanding of the latest multimedia solutions and the ability to scale quickly made the decision to team up with Indusnet easy.”

Abhishek Rungta, CEO Indus Net Technologies:
“Indus Net believes in strong partnerships to build real value for consumers. We find the Rezzonation platform and the ONE app a solid business with great potential. We have decided to come in as a strategic technology partner and also invest in Rezzonation to reflect our confidence and trust in the platform. We look forward to supporting the leadership team at Rezzonation and grow together.”


Indus Net Technologies:


If you would like to hear more about our interactive entertainment platform, future plans or investment opportunities, please contact us!

Eric Derckx, CEO Rezzonation:

Rezzonation has teaser and pitch documents available, describing a detailed investment proposal. In case you are interested and/or you would like to receive more detailed Rezzonation product & services, customer benefits and business rationale, then please do not hesitate to contact Eric Derckx – Founder | CEO of Rezzonation via or +31 6 8200 2448.

We are more than willing to engage with you and proceed with next steps looking into this exciting opportunity with you.