The ONE app allows users to enjoy entertainment in with their friends and family and at the same time, interact in REAL TIME, independent of entertainment platform. Given the current circumstances is it a unique opportunity to re-socialize entertainment together!

However, to be sure we launch a stable app we’re planning to do some severe testing first. That’s why we’ll hand out exclusive access codes for a select audience only, who are willing to help us with testing and share their valuable feedback. This way we can ensure to improve the app and make it ready for commercial launch soon!

“Unique opportunity for Artists & Labels”

The Unique (IP secured) technique behind the Rezzonation platform and our ONE app, provides an unprecedented way of allowing users to LIVE TUNE in to artists, labels or other users. It also includes an interactive chat element so everyone can have (real time) interaction and share their experience!

Due to our INFINITE TUNE IN option, we enable every artists and label to benefit from viral growth of their channel, based on recommendations and tune-in followings. This has never been easier!
With this new way of data analysis, we can identify genuine music influencers in a blink of an eye…

This allows us to help artists & labels target these influencers and help them to promote themselves or their (new) music.

We’re now working on implementing ‘Conversational Commerce’ to help artist and labels to engage, interact and upsell directly to their fanbase and music lovers.

Eric Derckx, CEO:

“ Given the effects of the global pandemic, there has never been a time where being able to enjoy unlimited entertainment with friends and family, or making new friends, has been this important. Rezzonation is dedicating itself to providing the ultimate entertainment experience for all, and at the same time connecting the world together like never before.”


If you want more general information, become part of the first group of active users or want to receive information about investment opportunities, please let us know and send a mail or give us a call.

Sander WeegelsFounder | COO
T: +31(0)639190791