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Het nieuwe entertainmentplatform Rezzonation maakt het mogelijk om via de zogenoemde ONE-app muziek te delen met anderen, waarbij het niet uitmaakt welke streamingdienst wordt gebruikt. Bij het installeren van de app worden bestaande playlists geïmporteerd en is het mogelijk om je profiel te delen. Rezzonation-gebruikers kunnen op die manier zien naar welke muziek anderen luisteren. Verder kunnen ze live meeluisteren en via chat (in realtime) interactie hebben over dezelfde content. Valt een track in de [...]


The ONE app allows users to enjoy entertainment in with their friends and family and at the same time, interact in REAL TIME, independent of entertainment platform. Given the current circumstances is it a unique opportunity to re-socialize entertainment together! However, to be sure we launch a stable app we’re planning to do some severe testing first. That’s why we’ll hand out exclusive access codes for a select audience only, who are willing to help [...]


We will soon start handing out EXCLUSIVE ACCES CODES for a select audience only to start using the 1st Beta release of the ONE app. If you want to be part of the first group of active users, please let us know and  send a mail to Let’s Rezzonate together! >>> Don’t forget to like, follow and share our  FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM page <<< More info: (*) Please reach out if you would like to have a [...]

Let’s re-socialize entertainment again!

During this unprecedented period of global isolation, the need to be more connected with family and friends has never been greater. There is a worldwide initiative from the entertainment industry (labels, event promoters, artists ….) setting up live streams to connect to their audiences… None of these enables social sharing and real time interaction between tuned in fans . Rezzonation fills this gap, and points towards a future, where social sharing and interaction is the [...]

Others about our latest partnership…

Indus Net Technologies LinkedIn Facebook Asian News Service India Blooms Business Fortnight NewsDog Rezzonation has teaser and pitch documents available, describing a detailed investment proposal. In case you are interested and/or you would like to receive more detailed Rezzonation product & services, customer benefits and business rationale, then please do not hesitate to contact Eric Derckx – Founder | CEO of Rezzonation via or +31 6 8200 2448. We are more than willing to engage with [...]


Rezzonation and Indus Net Technologies announce long-term partnership. Indus Net Technologies, an award winning, Digital Full-Service company that helps enterprises leverage the power of internet through Cloud, Mobile, Social, Multimedia, Payments and Analytics, is teaming up with Rezzonation as a dedicated tech partner. Indus Net was founded in 1997 in India and has subsidiaries in UK, USA, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia and employ over 750 enthusiastic technical- and digital marketing professionals. Eric Derckx, [...]

Let’s stay CONNECTED and ENJOY music together!

"As consuming online entertainment (in general) has become a solitary experience, Rezzonation introduced the ONE app. Within the ONE app you can manage, share and interact about music in real time while listening with multiple users to the same music by tuning in to each other… In these uncertain times we hope to connect people by music, no matter what music service provider you’re connected to!" (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer) Download the FREE ONE APP [...]

Rezzonation opens next round of investment

Rezzonation opens next round of investment This year online entertainment streaming has, for the first time, overtaken traditional methods of broadcasting entertainment. However, consumers are currently faced with a bewildering array of competing proprietary services, which often carry similar content, but require separate paid for subscriptions. Rezzonation not only offers a single interface for all legitimate entertainment services, it also provides a social networking facility, which allows millions of users to share & [...]

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